How spiritual obedience is the key to your “manifest destiny” and higher self


obedience and faith
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So lately God has been dealing with me about spiritual obedience and how it basically is the key to  the abundant life that God has promised . Imagine that faith is the gatekeeper to an enhanced relationship with God. Well guess what? To access what lies beyond that gate it takes a yielded obedience to get that key in the lock and the door to open to what God has in store for you next. This is by no means endorsing the idea of a works based faith because honestly there will never be enough that anyone could truly do enough to “earn God”, get ” Christian brownie points”,  or any of those sorts of philosophies or ideals that have been created to paint Christianity as a faith for those that are perfect, or have “arrived” per se. The key to our salvation indeed comes by God’s gift to us through Jesus Christ and redemption of our sins. (Ephesians 2:8)

Rather what I mean is that before God ever breathed life into our forms he envisioned an amazing life for us complete with all the plans we were to carry out and the lives we were supposed to touch. Does this mean we won’t encounter troubles or trials? Far from it my loves. (John 16:33) Our very own Prince of Peace encountered and suffered many trials but gained victory over all of them  in the end. But our posture, focus, countenance and attitude towards those things will be different and we will be the light in a dark world that our Father has commissioned us to be. (Matthew 5:14-16)  And in spite of all that if we remain yielded to the Father ready to do his will and honor HIM in whatever ways that we can, he blesses that.

I believe there is a misconstrued vision of how beautiful obedience is. Obedience isn’t God barking orders at you, with the expectation that you will fulfill. God is quite the gentleman and gives you the free will to say no or choose a different route at any time. However,  I think that each time we yield to the Lord and give up another area of our lives bit by bit, he enables us to walk more into the calling he has over our lives because we are trusting in HIM completely and not in ourselves and truly activating our faith walk. We give up the control we feel we need to craft the life we desire and allow the perfect CREATOR to assist us with the masterpiece that blows our little imaginations out of the water.  When we give over to God the cares, concerns, and beliefs of what we feel our lives should look like he honors that. Because we are believing that the TRUE LIFE we find in Christ is our real life anyway. (Matthew 10:39)

I am learning that obedience and faith go hand in hand and you truly cannot have one without the other. You may not always know what’s up ahead, it may not make sense to you, you may feel FEAR, DOUBT, AND UNCERTAINTY in your heart but never allow that to deter you from doing what God has called you to do . Even if you do turn away from the path of obedience, God is always there to find you and lead you back into his loving kindness and plans for you. But I’ve found in my faith walk, I desire God’s best for my life far more than I desire the best I can create. This is far from being a destination I reached over night and I still daily have to yield my will over to HIS. But each step in obedience leads me closer and closer to God’s presence and his wholeness, which far surpasses anything I can concoct on this Earth to fulfill a void reserved for HIM.

This mere blog and being consistent and open to HIS WILL is the ultimate test of obedience but I am trusting that there is something HE is doing in the PROCESS. I challenge you to yield yourself to HIS WILL, be obedient to the things He shares with you, step out on faith, and jump head first into HIS PLAN for your life.

Moses, Abraham, and Noah showed us profound examples of obedience and faith as REAL people with a charge from God. Imagine the beauty of what God may have in store for you and how many lives can be changed or led to salvation if you open your spirit, heart, and mind to the process of obedience, faith, trust, and the journey to getting to your manifest destiny and higher self.

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