Fitness journey chronicles: There’s glory in your highs and lows


fitness journey

As I am thinking over my personal fitness journey, it has definitely been just that. A journey. But I haven’t regretted a thing and I continue to push myself to new levels and depths each time I step into the gym, hop on a cardio machine, pick up some weights, join a new fitness class,  and push myself to depths that I never would have imagined that I could. I’ve watched my body and confidence transform,  not just from the outside transformation but just the mental renewal of doing things that I never thought possible or never dreamed of doing.

These past couple of days have been nothing short of awesome as I was a little nervous that I was beginning to lose muscle on my journey but it turns out those muscles were only hiding. Lol. Anyone on a fitness journey who has had gains before knows the exact feeling I am feeling right now when you realize you maintained your gains and are still developing new muscle tone, definition and endurance. It’s thrilling and it’s amazing.


gym flow.jpg
Yayyy muscle gains! 


I am super excited just to be back in the gym and back in a gym flow because I feel the previous weeks when I’ve gone, my mind hasn’t been fully there. I will attribute that to possibly being slightly mentally cluttered and pulled in various directions. The past few days I’ve been increasing my weights in between sets to make sure that the tone I’ve developed is maintained and can grow so I am going to try to chronicle just the different phases here as well as anything I believe will be relevant to this topic on here as well.

I think my diet also had a huge part to play in my excitement level too. (If I’m honest I wasn’t fueling it the way I needed to be and was having a few binge moments here and there that I personally were derailing me as far as having the desire and motivation to reach my goals)

What are some fitness goals you would like to achieve? How is your fitness journey going? What are the things you are learning? What are you loving and looking to improve on?  I would love to hear from you!

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