Why You Were Born to Sparkle and Shine

Hey Guys! Happy 17th day of February and I hope whether you celebrated Galentines, Valentines, some other mix of the two, or skipped both and jumped right into NBA All Star weekend, that your February is off to a great start. I was thinking about how often we walk through life and people,  the media, messaging, or some other source delivers to us how we are too much of something. Not too long ago, a guy I was dating told me I was a handful (I would like to add that I considered it a compliment  and was glad that I was staying true to myself of having a lot to give and overflowing although I am certain that he didn’t intend for me to take that message and find the positivity in it.) But why is an excess of something considered an awesome thing except when we speak about other people?

Sparkle and Shine
Photo Credit: GIPHY

No one complains they have too much money, food, happiness, or comfort. In fact, we as human beings are constantly striving for more in terms of the goals that we set out to complete or the lifestyle or life we envision. Why then do we allow ourselves to be compacted and shrunken by the expectations, fears, feelings, and opinions of others? Why do we attempt to take ourselves down a notch to be palatable to the world or to feel that the only way that we can fully be accepted is to show up as a lesser version of ourselves?  I am here to tell you from the day you were divinely created and purposed you were supposed to show up, show out, shine and sparkle.

Sparkle and Shine
Photo Credit:mysocialmate.com

I personally believe that every time you shrink yourself you miss out on the chance to impact the world in the way you were created. Light, shine, and sparkle all have unique characteristics. But the one thing that they all have in common is that they stand out and lead the way, offer perspective to an otherwise dim environment, and most importantly bring JOY and SMILES and allow others that are receptive to it to feel a little warmth and specialness to each day. There is truly no more honorable or fantastic way to show up in the world other than being your most authentic and audacious self. When others see you walking in your truth, they  feel free to walk in their own truth and that’s a wonderful and freeing feeling. The world doesn’t become better by you playing small.

Sparkle and Shine
Photo Credit: GIPHY

People need big love, ideas, extraordinary and over the top personalities, loud and crazy laughs, big smiles, big hearts, people who know how to have big fun and be bold but also the humility to understand that everyone needs someone willing to RISK it all and show others that being extra is just simply being unapologetically in touch as a human being navigating this wildly crazy, but fun and meaningful ride we call life. Yes, everyone may not appreciate the luster that your sparkle is supposed to emit and the shine that you have to reach those that TRULY NEED and are BLESSED by your presence but SHINE ON!  The next time you find yourself or someone/something dulling your sparkle keep in mind, Tiffany’s has been in business for almost 200 years. The brand continues to attract new customers daily and never stops improving and stays committed to the process of providing the world’s most brilliant  and quality diamonds, why is your inner sparkle and shine any different? Dare to be different, blaze a trail,  be your most fierce and fabulous self, the world needs your genius, brilliance, sparkle and shine.

Sparkle and Shine
Photo Credit: GIPHY

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