Foodie Files: Hidden Gems Jax Edition- Jax Beach Brunch Haus

It’s Sunday Funday and we all know what that means. Brunch and relaxing! Jacksonville has an awesome foodie scene that’s way too splendid to not be a part of. My latest hidden gem was Jax Beach Brunch Haus.

I stumbled upon this hidden jewel by chance as I had an appetite built for destruction today and was ready for some quality wholesome food. And boy did they deliver.

Hands down, excellent customer service, good food and great vibes. Live music. Beautiful ambience and a very relaxed but inviting hipster style vibe.

A perfect brunch spot if you want something filling but not too heavy, with locally sourced foods, a great selection of items, great smoothies and awesome cocktails. For today’s selection I had a Paradise City with Hash, T. W. Mexicali and a Southern biscuit.IMG_6686IMG_6687

I didn’t wait long for my food at all and it was quality like everything had been prepared to order and of the freshest quality. All the staff had a warm and inviting demeanor, and the restaurant itself had a very down to earth homey vibe. I am going to make it a plan to check out their espresso and coffee options next time but it is definitely worth a second and third look. You get great helpings for the price and I even had enough to take home leftovers.

The restaurant was formerly know as The Loving Cup Hash House but may be under new ownership and brand management.

I am always excited to find new restaurants that I love and this one will be another that I make a return visit too as well.

What are some of your favorite Jax Foodie finds? I would love to hear from you!

New Recipe Alert: Thai style pineapple mango rice with homemade mango sauce

I just love Thai inspired food and tonight I got a strong craving for pineapples, mangoes, and shrimp so I decided to get into the kitchen and make my own version of a traditional fave Thai dish: pineapple fried rice.

thai inspired rice
Thai mango and pineapple inspired rice

Although my rice was not fried it still had the same effect and was still just as yummy. I used a basic rice with seasonings and scrambled two eggs, sauteed veggies, pineapples, and mangoes, and had already sauteed and seasoned the shrimp.

I was really inspired and wanted to try my hand at making my own mango sauce from scratch which turned out really yummy and did not require a lot of ingredients to make. A simple set of about 12-15 diced mangoes, lime juice, and a dash of organic cane sugar. ( I usually buy mangoes from the frozen food section as they are already cut and maintain their nutritional value and are easy to use in that form) I pulsed the mango sauce mixture in a food processor until it reached the desired consistency and allowed the shrimp, veggies, and fruit to simmer.

homemade mango sauce
Homemade mango sauce!

I also added some black beans for a little extra protein and because beans are a common staple for me when I cook.

After combining all the ingredients, I drizzled the desired amount of the mango sauce and served. Talk about yummy, filling, and a lot of fun to make! In addition it was only about 30 minutes of less that it actually took to prepare this meal and I have leftovers too! For the win!  What are some of your favorite Thai dishes? What are some of your favorite recipes? I would love to hear from you!




OOTD: Poofy skirts, high heels, and turbans

Happy Sunday! How are you guys?!?! I am so thankful to kind of be getting back to my normal self because it has been a crazy  and tough couple of weeks! I am so thankful for anyone that comes across this page as well, the support and love is GREATLY APPRECIATED. But onto the outfit of the day! I don’t know about anyone else but there is something about the weekend that just puts me into a very chill mode, so much so that I don’t really touch my hair just throw it into a satin scarf and figure it out on wash day. Thus the fact that I LIVE in my turbans on the weekend. Not only do they keep my hair protected but it helps me still look fashionable and put together no matter where I go.



Turban: I honestly have had this scarf that I often use as a turban for so long I don’t even remember where I got it from. But it’s one of my favorite pieces. I think I may have gotten it from Target years ago but I truly cannot remember.

Blouse:  This blouse is so fun because you can dress it up or down and it’s so lightweight, fun, and versatile.

Skirt: from a bulk order. By far one of my favorite sites to shop from. They truly have some of the best pieces for prices that don’t break the bank for my budget conscious fashionistas and it’s all really great quality and most things can be hand washed. This skirt is so fun, feminine, sophisticated, and chic all at the same time.

Heels: Michael Kors.  I bought these heels about 3 years ago on a clearance sale at Dillard’s in Tampa. They are truly fashionable, fun, feminine and just a great piece that you can dress up or down if you love a nice structured stiletto.

Accessories: My accessories are a mix of Alex and Ani, Bourbon and Boweties,  Kate Spade bracelets and a bracelet that I inherited from sweet granny.

What are some of your favorite pieces that you love to bring together for a relaxed but chic look for those days you need to dress up  but still want a relaxed chic that’s put together? What helps you feel comfortable but pretty? I would love to hear from you!

Foodie Files: Hidden Gems Jax Edition

So it’s been a while but here I am again. I am trying to be consistent in posting here at least once a month (if not more) and I wanted to share some of the recent foodie files that I’ve stumbled upon in my area.

I absolutely love finding new restaurants and especially trying new foods.

One of my most recent finds is Monroe’s Smokehouse BBQ. When I say this place is amazing, that doesn’t even begin to properly explain it. Everything about this place is spectacular. From the great customer service to the food. I haven’t had anything that wasn’t tasty, well seasoned, flavorful, and fully satiating to your palette and appetite.  Best of all EVERYTHING is made from scratch.

My favorite dishes are the macaroni and cheese, sweet potato souffle, and collard greens. I’ve only had the ribs and smoked wings but everything always smells so yummy so I would safely assume that the rest of the meat options are equally as appetizing.


Featured in this picture are the smoked wings and sweet potato souffle as well as the macaroni and cheese. The sweet little heat sauce is AMAZING!

Monroe’s has several locations throughout the Jacksonville area and they also boast a pretty awesome food truck that makes its rounds around town so it’s definitely worth the effort if you’re in the area.

The next restaurant that I stumbled upon was the Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar. I was really in the mood for some really good seafood and wanted to try something off the beaten path. This had so many positive reviews when I looked it up that I had to give it a try,

Again, another really excellent choice all around and I am sure I will be back before it’s said and done. It’s nestled nicely between the Murray Hill, Avondale, and Riverside Area so it boasts a very quiet but beautiful atmosphere and just as beautiful ambiance on the inside. Great service and almost all options are based upon seasonal availability or the local market which I also love because you can literally pop in and try something new every time so it gives it a new yet authentic feel every time that you go.


First let me say these fried green tomatoes were not only yummy but surprisingly a great way to start the meal. An unexpected start to a wonderful meal and the roasted red pepper goulis and goat cheese set it off just right.

IMG_5980Next up, it goes without saying that summer is the best time for sampling new dishes and enjoying great drinks. BY FAR, one of the best sangrias in town. Flavorful, good distribution of wine and fruit and not too strong where it sneaks up on you but just enough to be able to enjoy the meal or ambiance and so you can relax. And it subtle enough so that it doesn’t take away from your meal itself.


The grand finale. Herb crusted snapper with jumbo lump crab, seasonal veggies, orzo and rice, with a side of their famous white cheddar macaroni and cheese.

Both of these restaurants are fast becoming two of my favorite spots to stop in when I am mood for eating out but as always the exploration continues. If you’re ever in the Jacksonville area, make sure to stop into both of these wonderful hidden gems, you’ll be glad you did!

Wanderlust: North Florida Edition

So I have a bit of a wandering spirit and love to see the beauty of God’s creation pretty much wherever I can find it. I had a chance about a month or so ago to have a bit of a staycation because sometimes you just have to get away to get away.

Here are a few highlights from my trip to the Palm Coast/ Mantasas Shores, and Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.

Washington Oaks Gardens is full of beautiful gardens, hiking trails, an amazing gazebo and just a chance to be in nature and relax if you just love nature like I do or just need to get away.  Truly a beautiful place for a date, wedding/engagement and maternity photo shoots (saw several people doing such during my trip) and just in general a serene beautiful environment that is available to you for the low cost of under $10. Any other frugal Farrahs out there who look for inexpensive ways to entertain yourself or your family?

On the opposite side of the national park is a beautiful beach that is not super crowded and  boasts some of the most beautiful coquina rock you will ever bear witness to. I mean it literally looks like something dropped straight from a picture. This was a perfect day of self care, spiritual renewal, fun, relaxation, exploration, and just in general a great way to get away from it all. It was too good to not share!

Washington Oaks Gardens 
Gazebo at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park 
One of the fountains throughout the garden section of the park 
Beautiful trees near the entrance of the park, not sure what type 
Entryway leading to more gardens and a beautiful photo opp 
Beach side of Washington Oaks Garden State Park/ Mantasas Shores/ Palm Coast 
My first time seeing coquina rock 
More coquina rock! SO AMAZING! 


Dating with Discernment: Navigating Landmines and Goldmines



dating with discernment
Photo Credit: GIPHY

As a single woman navigating dating can be a lot like trying to tip toe over landmines in attempts to get to the place of the coveted gold mine a.k.a,  a relationship that is divine, healthy, and most of all happy and representative of the love that you release into the world. Often, the best way to reach that goal is to continually expect the best of potential and current suitors but keep a discerning eye out for those things that would normally pass right under the radar without thinking twice or blinking.

We’ve all been guilty of one time too many fighting with our God given instincts and nudges about how someone’s character fits into our life and lifestyle. God always sends us soft and sometimes loud signals like “Hey don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, this ain’t it” but sometimes we can be very headstrong, lonely, willing to compromise, too kind-hearted for our own good, too optimistic, etc. that those very characteristics prevent us from vetting people the way that we normally would.

I can remember an instance where I KNEW within my heart of hearts and God was dealing with me the entire time I was in this individual’s presence that he wasn’t for me but you know how that goes. LOL. If you are a type A personality or just extremely motivated, you are of the mind that there isn’t anything that you can’t make work. And you will FIND a way,  where there is a WILL. But the wondrous and beautiful thing about TRUE AND AUTHENTIC LOVE I’ve found is that you don’t have to work EXTREMELY hard at it, it naturally flows even in the working/workable moments.

But God kept dealing with me the entire time. From people in restaurants, stores, and other familiar places I would normally visit alone and receive a warm reception giving me odd looks , to just my general uncomfortableness about certain things that were happening or being said, to God literally not letting me get any rest with what I was doing.

dating disaster
Photo Credit: GIPHY

It was actually pretty hilarious looking at it in hindsight. But I didn’t actualize what was occurring until it occurred and I was completely 175% uncomfortable and out of sorts that I realized that I was wrestling with God (and not in a Jacob type of way to receive a welcome blessing) as well as wrestling with myself for a reality and future with people I knew that I wasn’t happy with in my present and couldn’t see a foreseeable future with.  I knew I had to get out and fast because my intrinsic values were being stepped upon and that is super important to me in building a relationship with ANYONE.

Discernment and keeping your eyes open and remaining sober-minded and prayerful can save you a lot of time from mismatching yourself with people who should have never made it past “hello how are you?”.  It can save you the heartache of injuring yourself with individuals whose goals and visions are misaligned with your own and give you the soundness of mind and pureness of heart to be able to enjoy the goldmine of a divine, healthy, and happy relationship instead of expending great energy on fruitless pursuits when that beautiful relationship you desire manifests.

As for me in my personal landmines, God’s protection and discernment has kept me pretty well recently although I’ve been slightly hard-headed. So how do you use discernment while on the journey to cross paths with your life counterpart?

  1. Remain open but objective. Yes, this individual isn’t perfect and neither are you. However, making excuses for people’s behavior or accepting the bare minimum of your standards as “it’s  as good as it gets” is settling and not operating in your true and authentic self.
  2. Trust your peace or lack thereof. Listen to what the person is and isn’t saying and then watch for actions that align with those things. If you find yourself cringing, feeling like a smaller version of your best self, or just in general a check in your spirit DON’T IGNORE THAT! You know what you need and that’s your spirit leading you to it or away from things or people and places that are not it or in alignment with it.
  3. Don’t force it. Sometimes incompatibility, rejection, and disappointment leave you with a weird mix of emotions but tap into those emotions, do the work with God to heal, and keep going. You don’t won’t just anyone in your life but someone that is going to complement you and the divine purpose you were created for.
  4. Lack of compatibility doesn’t make you or the other person a bad person. Just a set of persons that are not right for each other in this specific relationship dynamic. Be true to yourself and be honest with that other person and let them go to find what best suits them and vice versa.
  5. Go on dates or situations that allow you to see what this person is like in real world, true life situations. This way it’s not just long stares, candlelit dinners, walks on the beach and romance, but you truly unraveling this individual’s character to really see how they operate and if you can truly live  with and love this reality for forever if they NEVER change or PROGRESS beyond this point. Potential is beautiful but it’s just that without kinetic action behind it.  We often fall victim to believing in potential or the idea that this person can change (and people can) but it has to be a personal choice with the assistance of divine intervention.
  6. Find people who you TRUST and who LOVE YOU and will keep you accountable about what you desire out of love and life and allow them to interact with this person. Yes, at the end of the day our loved ones do not dictate who we partner with but who knows you better than them? Besides, they aren’t looking at your love with rose-colored glasses and could possibly be onto something that you’ve missed.
  7. Grow in love with the person and not the ideal that that person represents. If that person is stripped of all the trappings of this world, they are left with their raw character and personality which will guide the relationship.
  8. Know your deal breakers and be unapologetic for/about them. What’s problematic for one individual seems like a walk in the park for another.
  9. Last but not least, HAVE FUN knowing that you are equipped with everything you need to cross paths with another amazing being and that until you find them your self-love and self-worth will be your guide!

If you’ve recently landed on a love landmine, that’s OKAY! I am sending you love, light, and God’s peace and blessings! But keep going! Pick yourself up, give yourself time to heal, and get back to living your fabulous life.  Your story is still being written by a master Creator!

true love
Photo Credit: GIPHY


OOTD: Mixing bold colors and prints in preparation for summer

Hi ya’ll!  It kinda feels like its been super long since I came on here and just shared some things and I’ve missed blogging and you guys so I am going to share my outfit of the day from a couple weeks ago.

With summer on the horizon and temperatures rising I felt that it was only right to start some experimenting with bold colors and prints and it just feels right and summery and happy and fun!

I love a good skirt, I am such a girly girl, and I love colors plus mixing and matching to see what works so I decided I would give this a try.

I kinda felt like a pretty human popsicle lol.


bold colors and prints 1 .jpg

bold colors and prints 2.jpg

Sunhat: Bought it from a Dillard’s in Huntsville Alabama at least 6 yrs ago. I truly just hang onto stuff ya’ll. I feel like at some point I can make it work and I just love the versatility and sophistication of it.

Top: Touch Dolls Boutique. I ABSOLUTELY love their stuff. It’s so chic and unique.

Skirt: Agaci (I think I’ve had it for a bit) and cannot quite remember but it’s so feminine and fun and festive.

Shoes: Vince Camuto.  I bought them as a birthday gift to myself from Bloomingdales last year. Probably my most favorite pair of shoes.

Jewelry: Bracelets are Alex and Ani and Bowties and Bourbon as well as some pieces I picked up from Agaci.

What are some pieces that you are looking forward to wearing this summer? What are some of your summer staples? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!