Foodie Files Jax Edition: River and Post

Hi Guys,

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re excited for the start of an amazing week! I got the awesome opportunity to visit one of Jacksonville’s newest jewels in the area, River and Post. Can I just say I definitely am adding it to my list of fave restaurants! It’s an amazing Riverside/ 5 Points area spot to pop into, enjoy some great food, surrounded by very chic and modern accommodations, excellent service, a beautiful salt water aquarium with a diverse ecosystem and live coral and sea anemone, and a stunning rooftop view. ( I didn’t go upstairs this visit, but plan to on my next visit as it was raining) I was pleasantly pleased and if you’ve been following my blog or just new here (welcome and thank you so much for your support!) you know I am a HUGE FOODIE and ambience and experience are EVERYTHING TO ME. But let’s just jump right into my dining experience today!

River and Post
Isn’t this gorgeous? I love the open layout of their floor plan! These lights are everything!
River and Post
Wine List! I am also a wine girl! They have a great selection of wines to choose from by the way.
River and Post
Probably my favorite part of dinner! Blue crab beignets!

These delicious blue crab beignets with kernels of corn inside (yum) and just the right amount of spice and seasoning to really give your tastebuds some bite! The sriracha citrus crema dip is amazing and brings all the flavors together!

I also had a glass of Gazela Vino Verde that paired well with the entire meal, especially the blue crab beignets! (pictured above)

River and Post
Entree: Broiled Ocean Platter
River and Post
Entree: Broiled Ocean Platter

Let me reiterate that the service was amazing! My entree and appetizer came out mere minutes a part and even though it wasn’t an inconvenience my amazing server Jessica, kept my entree warm for me while I finished the beignets!

The platter included mahi mahi ( I believe the fish is based off the day’s catch), sea scallops, shrimp, market veggies (very flavorful and fresh) and some of the best mashed potatoes (very well seasoned and creamy) that I’ve had in a very long time!

River and Post
Aquarium view 1
River and Post
Side view of Aquarium
River and Post
The sea coral and anemone are amazing in person!! These pictures do them no justice!
River and Post
I found NEMO!
River and Post
Aquarium view 3


The aquarium was simply beautiful and I had the amazing opportunity to speak with the curator Barry who I was really thankful took time  with me  and shared some amazing information regarding the marine life in the tank, the ecosystem and some other really cool facts (ask for him if you go, he’s amazing!)

Overall it was an amazing experience and I am sure i will be making several return trips! If you’re in the Jacksonville area, definitely do yourself a favor and check them out!

What are some of your favorite seafood places? Any cool or wonderful restaurants that really stand out in your area? Leave me a comment in the comments section below, I always love to hear from you guys!


Foodie Files Jax Edition: Restaurant Orsay

I pretty much love food and having a sensory foodie experience. I will literally go to any restaurant, food truck, cafe,  establishment that sells food or drink, you name it in the name of trying out something new to titillate my tastebuds. This time around I had the great pleasure of visiting Restaurant Orsay located in the Avondale area which is also one of my favorite culture and eating spots in general in Jacksonville.

Can I just say that it was well worth the trip? From the cozy yet sophisticated ambience to dishes that are flavorful and pleasing to the palate to the knowledgeable and amazing service, this a great treat for a special occasion, date night, or just step outside of the ordinary. It’s fine dining chic with casual cozy appeal and the French style cuisine allows you to get a gourmet twist on some well-known dishes. Overall, I was pleased with my entire dining experience and definitely plan on returning very soon to indulge a little bit more. Here are some quick recaps from my trip. I wanted to surprise my mom and do something extra special for her birthday (who came into town to spend the weekend for her birthday so several dishes will be featured below.) I almost forgot that I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of the lobster mac n cheese that we had as an appetizer but it was absolutely delicious and was a great start to the meal.

Restaurant Orsay
Prosecco and Birthday Champagne. Added a nice touch and brought out the flavors of the dishes that came afterwards.
Restaurant Orsay
Eden Farms Berkshire Porkchop
Restaurant Orsay
Sea Scallops
Restaurant Orsay
Beef Stroganoff



Do you have a favorite French restaurants? What are some of your favorite restaurants or areas in your city that offer hidden jewels? Let me know about your fave food and culture spots in the comments! I love to hear from you guys!

Foodie Files Jax Edition: Palm Valley Fish Camp

Hey again guys! I had the amazing opportunity to go and get some great seafood in Ponte Vedra Beach a couple weeks back at the Palm Valley Fish Camp. Truly a one of a kind and delectable experience. Everything is made from scratch right when you order, it’s truly a hidden gem right off A1A and Palm Valley, and the seasonings and preparation are apparent and seasoned with love. This is a great spot to go and enjoy some great views and sit on their dock and enjoy an afternoon cocktail or wine on a quiet Sunday or lazy Saturday while ordering some great seafood and beautiful ambience. 

This time around I ordered their signature shrimp and grits. By far some of the best, creamiest, melt in your mouth grits I’ve tasted EVER. And believe me when I say I’ve had a lot of grits in my lifetime. The shrimp tasted fresh and the grits are made with a white wine butter sauce and I believe a splash of bacon, tomatoes, and a few other secret herbs and spices. I was in a bit of rush on the day that I visited as I was in a bit of adventurist mode so I didn’t get a chance to stop and linger for too long but I know for sure I will definitely be back. I saw several other items on the menu that greatly peaked my interest and with their location being right off the water its guaranteed to be caught and served fresh.

What are some of your favorite local foodie spots for seafood and good eats? What are some hidden Jax gems you’ve come across? What are some of your favorite local Jax seafood spots and dishes? Leave me a comment or suggestion below! I would love to try it out, review and chat food with you!

Foodie Files Jax Edition: Sunday Brunch at Casa Marina

Hi ya”ll! Can you believe that it’s already November? I feel like the year flew by super fast but I am very grateful to have encountered so many wonderful souls in this period of time.

As always because I have a bit of wanderlust and  I discovered yet another amazing brunch spot here in Jacksonville. It is Casa Marina one of the oldest and most historical hotels in Florida and America. How cool is that? Not only does this place boast some amazing architecture but also some amazing food and views. It’s an all you can eat brunch with a prime rib carving station, omelette station, eggs benedict over fried green tomatoes, an assortment of cold salads, seafood paella, herb roasted chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, shrimp cocktail, a tropical fruit display, a yummy dessert area, and endless champagne, mimosas, and poinsettias as well as house wines. Truly a Sunday Funday spot. And all under $35! Can we say awesome?!?!?!?!

The food is fresh, yummy, and flavorful and the service is impeccable. My servers always made sure I was well attended to and the vibe is so relaxed with a very beachy vibe and a view of the Atlantic Ocean via their balcony.

I will definitely be back very soon! Definitely worth every penny! I will caution those who are true foodies to pace yourself because you will want to try everything and you just want to make sure you don’t fill yourself to the brim like I did. 🙂

Casa Marina Sunday Brunch
The banquet style of the brunch layout as the crowd trickled out
Casa Marina Sunday Brunch
Mimosas and chocolate mousse!
Casa Marina Sunday Brunch
Garden salad with house dressing which was absolutely yummy, rice pilaf with salad shrimp, shrimp cocktail and broccoli
Casa Marina Sunday Brunch
Veggie omelette from the omelette station, bacon, breakfast potatoes, eggs benedict over fried green tomatoes, fruit salad, and a poinsettia!
Casa Marina Sunday Brunch
Front entrance! See you soon Casa Marina!

Foodie Files: Hidden Gems Jax Edition- Jax Beach Brunch Haus

It’s Sunday Funday and we all know what that means. Brunch and relaxing! Jacksonville has an awesome foodie scene that’s way too splendid to not be a part of. My latest hidden gem was Jax Beach Brunch Haus.

I stumbled upon this hidden jewel by chance as I had an appetite built for destruction today and was ready for some quality wholesome food. And boy did they deliver.

Hands down, excellent customer service, good food and great vibes. Live music. Beautiful ambience and a very relaxed but inviting hipster style vibe.

A perfect brunch spot if you want something filling but not too heavy, with locally sourced foods, a great selection of items, great smoothies and awesome cocktails. For today’s selection I had a Paradise City with Hash, T. W. Mexicali and a Southern biscuit.IMG_6686IMG_6687

I didn’t wait long for my food at all and it was quality like everything had been prepared to order and of the freshest quality. All the staff had a warm and inviting demeanor, and the restaurant itself had a very down to earth homey vibe. I am going to make it a plan to check out their espresso and coffee options next time but it is definitely worth a second and third look. You get great helpings for the price and I even had enough to take home leftovers.

The restaurant was formerly know as The Loving Cup Hash House but may be under new ownership and brand management.

I am always excited to find new restaurants that I love and this one will be another that I make a return visit too as well.

What are some of your favorite Jax Foodie finds? I would love to hear from you!

Foodie Files: Hidden Gems Jax Edition

So it’s been a while but here I am again. I am trying to be consistent in posting here at least once a month (if not more) and I wanted to share some of the recent foodie files that I’ve stumbled upon in my area.

I absolutely love finding new restaurants and especially trying new foods.

One of my most recent finds is Monroe’s Smokehouse BBQ. When I say this place is amazing, that doesn’t even begin to properly explain it. Everything about this place is spectacular. From the great customer service to the food. I haven’t had anything that wasn’t tasty, well seasoned, flavorful, and fully satiating to your palette and appetite.  Best of all EVERYTHING is made from scratch.

My favorite dishes are the macaroni and cheese, sweet potato souffle, and collard greens. I’ve only had the ribs and smoked wings but everything always smells so yummy so I would safely assume that the rest of the meat options are equally as appetizing.


Featured in this picture are the smoked wings and sweet potato souffle as well as the macaroni and cheese. The sweet little heat sauce is AMAZING!

Monroe’s has several locations throughout the Jacksonville area and they also boast a pretty awesome food truck that makes its rounds around town so it’s definitely worth the effort if you’re in the area.

The next restaurant that I stumbled upon was the Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar. I was really in the mood for some really good seafood and wanted to try something off the beaten path. This had so many positive reviews when I looked it up that I had to give it a try,

Again, another really excellent choice all around and I am sure I will be back before it’s said and done. It’s nestled nicely between the Murray Hill, Avondale, and Riverside Area so it boasts a very quiet but beautiful atmosphere and just as beautiful ambiance on the inside. Great service and almost all options are based upon seasonal availability or the local market which I also love because you can literally pop in and try something new every time so it gives it a new yet authentic feel every time that you go.


First let me say these fried green tomatoes were not only yummy but surprisingly a great way to start the meal. An unexpected start to a wonderful meal and the roasted red pepper goulis and goat cheese set it off just right.

IMG_5980Next up, it goes without saying that summer is the best time for sampling new dishes and enjoying great drinks. BY FAR, one of the best sangrias in town. Flavorful, good distribution of wine and fruit and not too strong where it sneaks up on you but just enough to be able to enjoy the meal or ambiance and so you can relax. And it subtle enough so that it doesn’t take away from your meal itself.


The grand finale. Herb crusted snapper with jumbo lump crab, seasonal veggies, orzo and rice, with a side of their famous white cheddar macaroni and cheese.

Both of these restaurants are fast becoming two of my favorite spots to stop in when I am mood for eating out but as always the exploration continues. If you’re ever in the Jacksonville area, make sure to stop into both of these wonderful hidden gems, you’ll be glad you did!