Why You Were Born to Sparkle and Shine

Hey Guys! Happy 17th day of February and I hope whether you celebrated Galentines, Valentines, some other mix of the two, or skipped both and jumped right into NBA All Star weekend, that your February is off to a great start. I was thinking about how often we walk through life and people,  the media, messaging, or some other source delivers to us how we are too much of something. Not too long ago, a guy I was dating told me I was a handful (I would like to add that I considered it a compliment  and was glad that I was staying true to myself of having a lot to give and overflowing although I am certain that he didn’t intend for me to take that message and find the positivity in it.) But why is an excess of something considered an awesome thing except when we speak about other people?

Sparkle and Shine
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No one complains they have too much money, food, happiness, or comfort. In fact, we as human beings are constantly striving for more in terms of the goals that we set out to complete or the lifestyle or life we envision. Why then do we allow ourselves to be compacted and shrunken by the expectations, fears, feelings, and opinions of others? Why do we attempt to take ourselves down a notch to be palatable to the world or to feel that the only way that we can fully be accepted is to show up as a lesser version of ourselves?  I am here to tell you from the day you were divinely created and purposed you were supposed to show up, show out, shine and sparkle.

Sparkle and Shine
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I personally believe that every time you shrink yourself you miss out on the chance to impact the world in the way you were created. Light, shine, and sparkle all have unique characteristics. But the one thing that they all have in common is that they stand out and lead the way, offer perspective to an otherwise dim environment, and most importantly bring JOY and SMILES and allow others that are receptive to it to feel a little warmth and specialness to each day. There is truly no more honorable or fantastic way to show up in the world other than being your most authentic and audacious self. When others see you walking in your truth, they  feel free to walk in their own truth and that’s a wonderful and freeing feeling. The world doesn’t become better by you playing small.

Sparkle and Shine
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People need big love, ideas, extraordinary and over the top personalities, loud and crazy laughs, big smiles, big hearts, people who know how to have big fun and be bold but also the humility to understand that everyone needs someone willing to RISK it all and show others that being extra is just simply being unapologetically in touch as a human being navigating this wildly crazy, but fun and meaningful ride we call life. Yes, everyone may not appreciate the luster that your sparkle is supposed to emit and the shine that you have to reach those that TRULY NEED and are BLESSED by your presence but SHINE ON!  The next time you find yourself or someone/something dulling your sparkle keep in mind, Tiffany’s has been in business for almost 200 years. The brand continues to attract new customers daily and never stops improving and stays committed to the process of providing the world’s most brilliant  and quality diamonds, why is your inner sparkle and shine any different? Dare to be different, blaze a trail,  be your most fierce and fabulous self, the world needs your genius, brilliance, sparkle and shine.

Sparkle and Shine
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You are the Opportunity

Hi everyone! Hope that 2019 is treating you well and you’re well on your way to accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself. With that in mind, I wanted to talk about opportunity, more specifically the fact that you are the very opportunity you are seeking to create and manifest.

You are the Opportunity
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When we think about the new year or actions of creating and implementing/attaining a goal, it is usually associated with a dream or vision of the perfect opportunity that will drastically change our lives. But what if the change that we are seeking is already within us? What if that radical difference that we are looking for is something we already have that lays dormant in us ready to be activated and utilized? You are the very opportunity you are looking for  and how to activate your power and walk in your purpose.

You are the Opportunity
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I know you’re probably wondering how you could ever have enough or be enough to be a full opportunity but that’s just it, it ALL STARTS with YOU. You have to believe that intrinsically EVERYTHING that you are is already enough to attract EACH and EVERY opportunity that you want to manifest.


You are the Opportunity
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You are the Opportunity
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Do you want an amazing relationship? Then work on recognizing that you deserve it and raise your level of expectation to only GIVE YOURSELF the BEST first and then by default you will give off an energy/vibe that tells others that you will ONLY RECEIVE THE BEST.

You are the Opportunity
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Looking to manifest a better career that you love? Do the work to be more than just an employee and become a valued added contributor. Put passion and love into everything you do, that soon will become your brand and one day you maybe able to parlay that into having your employer be your employee and contract/consult your skills and expertise out as you continue to expand your skill set.


Are you itching to start that jewelry, cosmetics, t-shirt, cup, or other company but unsure where to start? Wanting to write that blog or book but afraid to start? Wanting to share your story and truly change the lives of others but afraid of judgment or your past being used against you? Push those negative thoughts of fear, failure, and other people’s perceptions out of your conscious and subconscious mind and go after your purpose and destiny. It’s been put in your heart for a reason, so jump to it!

You are the Opportunity

Don’t create additional obstacles to talk you out of your own success! Be your biggest fan, show up for yourself, BE OPEN to new experiences that STRETCH AND GROW YOU, and the universe/ God will reward you tenfold. Don’t ever feel like that anything you don’t have or “lost” in a physical sense won’t be replaced by something much greater than you could ever imagine. There is never an opportunity that you miss when you realize you’re a walking, talking, breathing opportunity. One of my favorite affirmations is ” I already have everything I need to get everything I want.” How powerful is that? Wake up with that kind of resolve and purpose and I promise you every opportunity will find its way to the REAL OPPORTUNITY. YOU.


You are the Opportunity
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Leveling Up to Expand and Improve Your Life

Hey Guys,

I have missed you so much! I haven’t been on here in a while but I definitely haven’t forgotten and it’s been such a desire to post on here but I only want to release content that’s meaningful and purposeful because I take my subscribers and this community very seriously and each of us is blessed with a gift to share knowledge and our world with the world. How amazing is that?!? It’s been crazy busy on my end but it got me to thinking about why that is. Honestly, it’s because I’ve been extremely intentional about leveling up and changing and expanding my life to truly CREATE the life I believe I was meant to live. I feel like LEVEL UP was truly the theme for 2018 and it’s something I plan to carry with me into 2019 and the years to come. (Shout out to Ciara for the amazing inspo.)

Level Up
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But what does leveling up really mean and look like? It means that you’re operating in your best self and walking everyday with purpose looking to make decisions that your future self is going to thank you for and going to impact you but the greater world around you. It means you’re practicing your most optimal self care exercise, thought processes and actions, you’re learning how to prioritize what’s important to you on a financial, emotional, and spiritual level and how to align yourself with the activities that will help you meet the goals for those areas. Overall, you’re showing up as your best and brightest self because that is the only way you can truly activate your drive to pursue your wildest dreams. So what are some practical ways that anyone can truly level up?

  1. Take care of number one first.

Level Up
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Be committed to learning when and what to say no to, asking for HELP and not being too prideful to get it when you KNOW you need it, and truly investing in your own mental, physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, and overall well-being. The often used phrase is you cannot pour from an empty cup  is true so be sure to do those things that are going to make you feel fulfilled, recharged and whole.  Whether that’s going for a walk, grabbing your favorite cup of coffee, reading a book, taking time to meditate, watching your favorite Netflix movie or show, or taking a mini vacay or stacay. Be creative, open-minded and remember that it’s ultimately about bringing you back to your equilibrium.

2. Invest and believe in yourself.

Level Up
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The biggest part of your leveling up journey is investing into yourself and believing that despite what the circumstances or situation may look like that that investment is going to pay off and manifest. Do the work. Plant the seed. Continue watering it. It has no other choice other than to bear fruit. Read inspirational and educational books that will not only keep you inspired but expand your worldview and keep you well-rounded. Place intentions around the energy of the people you surround yourself with and what type of energy or experiences they bring into your life. BE INTENTIONAL about how you spend your time and give your resources, gifts, talents, and skills and NEVER EVER sell yourself short. Demand every last penny of your worth because there will never be another you who does things the way you do them and if you don’t stand up and believe in your own WORTH(which by the way is priceless) then people pick up on that energy and will treat you that same way in every capacity. Travel, try out new restaurants, learn a language, truly be committed to doing something everyday that will be an investment into who you are in the long run.

3. Have unwavering confidence, determination, and poise.

Level Up
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The most successful people in life consistently believed they could achieve their goals and dreams, stayed determined and did it with grace, their own sense of style/brand,  and fulfilled their dreams beyond their wildest imaginations. Persist until what you envision exists. Don’t let your own self-doubt or even lingering negative thoughts you’ve managed to believe or pick up stop you. Don’t let the voices, opinions or fears of others stop you. Activate your faith and just keep going! Just because someone did it one way and it was successful for them in that manner doesn’t mean it’s the ABSOLUTE only way to carve a path to your own version of success. Yes, you can take notes from successful people but the most successful people also create a niche for themselves and God always  makes a way to have the audience/clients/people you’re supposed to meet find you. Work with God and manifest your own blueprint to divinely create a life that YOU and YOU only were meant to live. Be ambitious and bold and doubt doubt (yes I said to doubt your own doubts) and just go for exactly what you want. I am a STRONG BELIEVER in the law of attraction and manifestation so just keep putting the good you want out there and it will come back to you ten fold.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Level Up
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It’s very easy when all these things in today’s world are calling out for our attention to take our eyes off the focus of our short term goals and action steps, that help propel us to our long term goal. However, it’s extremely important to stay focused. Sit down and give yourself some time to really plot out a plan of what you want to do and the steps that are going to help you get there. STAY ORGANIZED. Whether it’s a planner, a vision board, reminders of tasks on your phone, anything that will help jog your memory of what’s important to you and what you want to achieve. Keep track of the progress you’re making and look at your level of productivity overall.  Ask yourself the honest question of  “Is this really getting me closer or taking me farther away from what I actually want to achieve or who I want to be when I envision my life?” Be honest with yourself and figure out what it will take to do that. Journal, write down your ideas, keep a pad or notebook handy because your best and brightest ideas always come in the most strange, inconvenient and sometimes odd places (speaking from personal experience). Most importantly be open to the journey, whether it’s getting your business to where you want it to be, building your brand, stepping out your comfort zone and trying new things, manifesting love, growing in your spiritual walk, or overall just becoming a better person, keep that vision at the front of your mind because that will keep you going when things get crazy and keep you pressing towards the goal.

I’m so excited for my own level up journey and I would love to hear from you guys! What are some things you’re working on? How has your level up journey been going? Have you started? What things do you think stop you from moving forward in the way you want? What actions are you taking to keep you pushing forward, motivated and closer to your goal? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you guys! And most importantly remember to keep on leveling up and being Fearfully Fashioned and Wonderfully Made!

Level Up
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Why my single life is just as fabulous and beautiful as married life

If you’re single like me you’re probably used to the following narrative and questions:

” We need to hurry up and find you a husband”

” When you getting married?”

” You live alone, all by yourself? That doesn’t get lonely?”

” I know you got a boyfriend, a man or something”

self love
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And the list goes on……

For the most part, I take these comments and questions in stride because the majority of the time, they come from people who I am certain mean well but just want what they perceive is best for me.

But I am here today to state that my single life isn’t something I am DESPERATELY trying to shake free of  nor is it some type of death sentence that I believe God unfairly punished me with until a significant other arrives. I am in love with the life that I am currently leading because I realize love and happiness starts with ME and spreads abroad and I’ve got a lot of things that I am passionate about and that God has placed in my hands to steward and tend to in THIS MOMENT.

Society has put us into a mode where as single individuals we are constantly bombarded with the idea that you haven’t arrived until you have a husband or wife, 2 and a half kids, and a house with a white picket fence  and if you don’t…. WELL then you’ve clearly missed the mark. Or God doesn’t love you. Or you must have something wrong with you. But your worth comes from a lot more than just the mere notion of your marital status or what you’ve achieved in life. I’ve found that my worth is in Christ and in Christ alone and when I attempt to place it in anything else or look elsewhere for it then I always come up empty.

Don’t get me wrong I desire companionship and REAL LOVE. And there will definitely be a time to be married to an amazing man that adds to the amazing life that I already have and pour our love and Christ’s love into our offspring.   There will be a time to  build a beautiful life as a great mother and wife and carry out my individual and collective purpose with my husband that God placed me on this Earth for.  Those are roles that I believe are so honorable and beautiful and God graces each individual for. But that’s not the entirety of who I am and desire to be. Both of those roles take great preparation  and maturity to truly serve in the capacity that I believe God creates them for .

And what better time to prepare and love my life then right now in this very moment? Whatever issues I was dealing with as a single woman don’t magically disappear when I get married. If I don’t use this beautiful time right now to love myself, find myself and the things I love, and truly appreciate my own identity I may make the mistake of idolizing my future blessings of marriage and children. As a result I may also lose my sense of identity and wholeness misusing the gifts God has given me to steward in the long run.

single life is beautiful
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I’ve also been a single woman who’s been in the WRONG relationships. I’ve known what it feels like to lay next to someone and have your very worth and being taken for granted and to be greatly undervalued. I’ve known what it feels like  when the very things you do for someone are not GOOD ENOUGH and neither are you. I’ve felt hurt and pain and sense of being lost due to being in the wrong relationships and not being able to truly hear from God.

not good enough
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I no longer desire those things for myself, thanks be to God and his great sense of deliverance and freedom. I am content to enjoy my single life until God orchestrates a meeting with a man worthy of who and what I am as a person. A man who is not threatened by those things but encourages and breathes life into those things as I do the same for him.  (talk about a beautiful God honoring partnership) And I say that in the most humblest terms possible.

self love
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The next RELATIONSHIP I enter into will be intentional and it will be to a man who honors the God I serve, me, my womanhood, my accomplishments, the love I give and all the wonderful gifts and talents that I will bring to our relationship.

real love
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Until then I am excited to:

  1. Grow deeper and stronger in my intimate relationship with God and be about my Father’s business.
  2. Learn from healthy and happy married couples what it takes to sustain a God filled marriage with a purpose filled partner.
  3. Travel! (woot woot)
  4. Learn to live fearlessly and bold and walking in faith
  5. Try new foods and cook new recipes
  6. Chase my dreams and make my career exactly what I want it to be with God’s discernment and wisdom
  7. Eat cereal for dinner if I feel like it (lol)
  8. Stretch out in my bed
  9. Dance around my apartment
  10. Sleep in
  11. Building amazing friendships
  12. Spend time with friends and family and fostering and growing those relationships
  13. Serve in my community
  14. Check out local treats and restaurants (yay! fun! )
  15. Workout as much as my little body can stand
  16. Make random trips anywhere
  17. Tinker with starting a business
  18. Write books and blogs and whatever else God puts on my heart
  19. Splurge guilt free on my heart’s desires
  20. Come and go as I please
  21. Read books, learn, grow, become a better woman FOR ME
  22. Move across the country or around the world
  23. Go wherever God may be calling me to serve his people
  24. Last but not least live my life abundantly as that is what Jesus died for me to do

I challenge you if you are in a relationship that in your heart you know you shouldn’t be in or has you living below the life  God intended for you, (short of your marriage because you in that thang till death do us part lol) I encourage you to examine whether you can truly live the divine life God intended you to with this person or if you are operating out of a place of loneliness, desperation, or boredom. I’ve been there and desperation will only detour you to dead ends. Trust the process, grow, learn, take care of yourself, figure yourself out, find out what you’re called to do and GO DO IT! Your life doesn’t start when you get a ring on your finger or your marital status changes, it starts every morning God breathes fresh breath into your body. Get busy! You never know who God may be using you to impact.

And my my,  what a special thing when you do encounter your future spouse (if God has placed that as a strong desire in your heart I believe and stand in agreement with you that he will honor it) if you’ve been busy enjoying your life and growing in God excelling in those gifts and talents we’ve all been blessed with.

So go enjoy your wild, fabulous, beautiful and blessed single life!  It’s so worth it!

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3 ways to silence your inner critic and celebrate yourself

self love
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Here it goes again.  That little pesky voice that always undermines every SINGLE thing you do. “You probably shouldn’t eat that” “You’re not enough for….” ” You’ll never…” ” You might need to lose or gain weight” ” Why can’t you be more like…..”  And the list and  go on. While a little self reflection definitely allows you to assess whether you are actually moving forward to those things that are vital for you to accomplish, too much introspection can be nothing but a perfect recipe for disaster and blows to your self-esteem, self-worth and self-image. A plain old sneaky culprit of self hate.

inner critic
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Here a few quick tips to encourage kindness to yourself and embrace the fact that you are a wonderfully worthy individual who can and WILL manifest all the amazing things you are working hard for.

Actually celebrate yourself and eliminate all the negative self speeches and talk

self love
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Have you ever realized that it’s super easy to point out and celebrate all the amazing things you love about other people but extremely hard to highlight all the things you love about you? Take some time each day to love on yourself and be excited, proud, and motivated about all the amazing things you have done, are doing, and will do. There’s going to be enough negativity attempting to invade your head space, and pull on your energy without you adding to it. Make a physical list of all the reasons why you are amazing, deserving, and enough, post them somewhere you can see them, and speak those affirmations to yourself until they become reality to you. Because they are real and most of the stuff you are thinking that’s negative isn’t. Additionally, evaluate whether there are certain things you are allowing  be it people, places, shows, things you read, or ingest that are contributing to those feelings of low self worth.  Evaluate and remove or replace accordingly.

Evaluate whether that negative thinking is true, kind, or positive

self love
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As I stated earlier, sometimes self honesty is needed to get to where we want to go and figure out what’s keeping us from getting there. However,  I honestly believe we sometimes don’t take enough time to asses whether all the thoughts we are having are true, lovely, kind, or positive and if they even are reflective of our true identity.  Often those thoughts tend to be reflective of  things we’ve picked up along the way,  and CHOSEN to believe about ourselves. You can always choose your thoughts and if a thought doesn’t line up with your goals, energy, and what you are trying to manifest,  just reject it and send it on its way.

Cut yourself some slack and KEEP GOING

self love
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Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t be either. Give yourself a break sometimes. Why undermine yourself and all your hard work because it’s not to the point or vision you desire? You’re well on your way as long as you keep going and don’t give up. Keep dreaming, keep working, keep believing, keep loving yourself through the process, and be proud of who you are and who you’re on the way to becoming! Every day indeed won’t be beautiful or Instagram worthy,  but celebrate each little accomplishment and remember there’s purpose on your life, a pulse in your wrist, and breath in your lungs, so you might as well roll up those sleeves because there’s work to be done!

The only way that work stops being valid and far from completion is by listening to a voice that says all the reasons you can’t instead of all the strengths and victories that say you can! You’re wonderful, you’re here, you’re powerful, you’re enough, and that’s that!

self love
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Wellness: I’m fit but am I really living well?

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With increasing research supporting healthier food alternatives and active lifestyles, the world has been turned on its head in terms of wellness, health and fitness. In fact, I am pretty proud to say I’ve been living a pretty health conscious lifestyle. I live for a good gym session and a good kale and spinach smoothie and veggie wrap or veggie stir fry. However, even with all that fixing of my physical health and eating habits I can’t help but think does my spirit fully reflect the work that I am putting my outer self through?

giphy (19).gif

I mean it’s great to be physically fit and to truly care for your temple but sometimes I have to admit that I am tougher on my inner me than I probably need to be. BUT to combat that I have been being intentional these days about being kinder to myself and putting into practice some #selfcare and being mindful especially when it comes to my thought life. Because let’s be honest it will not do me or anyone else much  good to be the strongest woman on the outside but  to be constantly struggling on the inside, or battling with negative self talk or things that don’t align with what God has to say of me.

So in an effort to practice being more healthy spiritually, which is directly related to your mental health and wellness, I’ve put into practice the following:

  1. Meditation (both on affirmations and the word of God)
  2. Intentionality of my thought life.
  3. Laughing with family and friends.
  4. Reading good books or listening to uplifting songs, podcasts, Youtube sessions, or any other similar media outlets that are good for/beneficial to my soul and spirit growth.
  5. Fueling my body with veggies, fruit, and essential vitamins and nutrients that will boost my mood.
  6. Exercising regularly.(heyyyy endorphins and good feelings!)
  7. Fighting negative emotions or spirits vigilantly.
  8. Celebrating myself, my accomplishments, and all the amazing things that are happening in it and focusing on those things.
  9. Focusing on what I want to be and how to get there, goals, the goodness of God and the progress I’ve already made.
  10. Counting my blessings.
  11. Living my life like it’s GOLDEN! (Shout out to Jill Scott!)
  12. Realizing all days aren’t going to be picture perfect but taking it all in stride and finding in the words of my best friend “my happy” and realizing my peace, joy, and contentment comes from God and flows outward from that place and is not dictated by circumstances or situations but by my identity as HIS cherished daughter.
  13. But even if I do have an emotional day or moment, not LIVING in that space and finding the courage and strength to keep moving past that.
  14. Being transparent with those close to me and realizing that those closest to me are built for helping me on my life journey.
  15. Self care (washing hair, soaking in the tub, eating my fave treat foods WITHOUT GUILT, dancing, taking a nap, whatever may feel right in that given moment and that contributes to getting back to a balanced place)
  16. Serving others and taking my eyes off myself.
  17. DOING NOTHING. (Despite what this world tells us or tries to feed us, sometimes rest/stillness is a beautiful thing)
  18. Taking a walk outside.
  19. Encouraging, pouring into, complimenting someone else and talking to a perfect stranger, giving someone else a smile or a bit of hope.
  20. Cooking/meal prepping, reading about new recipes and types of food
  21. Hanging out with family members, friends and loved ones and enjoying the simple things.
  22. The occasional burst of retail therapy.
  23. Foodie/ travel adventures
  24. Walk in confidence and realize all is well with my soul
  25. Call on my alter ego Ms. Thang (every woman has that part of herself she calls up when she needs that extra oomph)

Not an exhaustive list but this is what came to me offhand.

What are some of your favorite wellness promotion activities? Feel free to share! I would love to hear!  In the mean time take care of yourself and remember there are billions of people in the world but there will never be another you with all the gifts and talents God has imparted to you to share with the world so be WHOLE and WELL!

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