Rest is just as important as progress to achieve success

rest and progress
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Hey ya’ll! It’s been a minute, but I’m back! It’s been a busy and crazy set of months. I hope that everyone is well and is staying safe during the quarantine and with everything going on with COVID-19. It’s definitely been an unprecedented time with everything going on, but even with all the loss that many have experienced as a result it can still be a time of reflection, reset, and revamping how we do life in general. This time has really shown us what’s truly important to us and how vital rest on both an emotional, mental, and physical as well as spiritual level are to our overall well-being.

Rest is far from being in a state of stagnancy or inactivity, rather a time to examine whether we are focused on being as much as we are doing. In fact, it is in the being that we are truly able to activate and resonate with the truth of what we are actually PURPOSED to be DOING instead of doing for doing’s sake. It is in our quiet moments, our rest and recovery periods, we begin to realize that that we’ve been doing for the purpose of others that offers no fulfillment and how we can be of better service to ourselves and others, what depletes us, what energizes us, what warms our hearts, what breathes new life into us, and even discover the next great thing that will propel us to the next level of success.

When we get into the habit of just doing for doing sake, we are out of alignment not only within ourselves and with our connection to others but also to divine alignment that we were created for. As much as doing is great, it is often underrated how much rest is the batteries in our clock that make things tick that allow us to progress to success, thus one cannot exist without the other. Rest allows us to connect our being and doing in a purposeful and passionate way. Being allows us to be guided by our true north, character, integrity and what is ultimately right for us. Being connects our hearts to our head so that our decisions are not mechanical and out of touch and effective to affect those that the results are meant to reach. Being keeps us holistically healthy, because we begin to feel when things are not right on every level and can pivot to correct and realign. Being keeps us connected to humanity because it reminds us of our own fragility but also interconnectedness to the next person. Being allows us to show up present and offer our best to the world without being burnt out, on autopilot, or without intention. In our rest periods we get to understand the purpose behind our doing and what vision is best to build that, our doing just guides those actions into reality. May we never lose touch with that, and in those times you feel as though rest must take a backseat to progress and success, remind yourself that rest is the engine to drive your personal life vehicle to success.

rest and progress
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What does rest look like though? It could be a variety of things based off what speaks to your soul and guides your heart but here are a few ways to offer rest to your mind, heart, body, and soul:

  1. Meditation
  2. Journaling
  3. Listening to  soothing music
  4. Dancing to inspiring, upbeat, or uplifting music
  5. Aromatherapy or burning candles and just enjoying relaxation
  6. Often underrated : SILENCE
  7. Sipping your favorite beverage from your favorite cup
  8. Painting, crafts, pottery and anything where you can pour all your heart and soul into a creative energy without a certain expectation or outcome
  9. Coloring or drawing
  10. Writing
  11. Self care (whatever that looks like)
  12. Reading a great book and truly getting lost in it
  13. Redecorating or making your living space comfortable and conducive to you and your peace and joy
  14. Spiritual practices that bring you closer to center and clarity
  15. Sleep or naps that allow you to feel rested
  16. Periods of time away (whether a vacation or staycation) that allow you to relax and unwind as well as reflect on the simplicity and goodness of life

These are just a few to get you started but whatever makes you peaceful and centered and allows you clarity and joy is something that should regularly be infused into the fabric of your life and daily or regular routines.

What are some ways you’ve found to rest during the quarantine? What does rest look like to you? Do you find that you’ve had to teach yourself how to have rest within? Leave me a question or note in the comments, I love to hear from you all and thank you so much as always to each of you that have come on this journey with me.

Shift with the Shift: Transitions in your spiritual awakening and divine alignment

Hey Guys!

I’ve missed you all so much! It feels like forever and a day has gone by since I last posted! I celebrated a monumental birthday recently (hey thriving 30!) and I’ve noticed ever since then and even leading up to that birthday I’ve felt a shift in my life and it’s caused me to be super intuitive. One thing I’ve noticed that has been very interesting to say the least and beneficial is the level of peace, calm, and inner balance that I’ve had. Have you recently felt a shift in your own life be it a spiritual, relational, emotional or mental shift? Here’s the thing, that’s great! It means that God and the Universe are clearing and paving the way for amazing things to come into your life. Don’t fight it, just flow with it! One of my favorite songs that puts everything into perspective for me is Toni Braxton’s Let it Flow. Your blessings  and manifestations flow so easily when you learn to just relax, trust the process, and walk confidently, abundantly, and gratefully through life.

shift with the shift
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So what are some tell-tell signs you’re experiencing a shift in your life?

  1. You feel a sense of calm surrounding things that would normally or used to bother you. You’re at peace and you trust the trajectory of your life.
  2. The things you would normally associate yourself with (people, places, ideas, things, mindsets, beliefs) no longer seem to fit you or suit you and you find you’re outgrowing them or no longer aligned with it.
  3. You see signs, patterns, and messages for your desires and goals everywhere you go and your life and life’s relationships represent a sort of synchronicity.
  4. You’re a lot happier, at peace, emotionally and mentally balanced and sure of yourself. You walk with your own level of authenticity and comfort.
  5. You make peace with the shift, you don’t make judgements about the observations or patterns that are the result of the shift and you trust your inner voice/knowing and intuition and develop a deep sense of connection with your divine being
  6. You have a consistent desire to absorb and be amongst energy or in spaces wherein your new identity is being shaped, you are constantly seeking to renew yourself, and develop both your inner and outer being.You have a great sense of clarity, creativity and productivity.
  7. You are constantly inspired and excited about new things you learn about yourself, and are committed to investing in yourself.

The shift is sometimes a very uncertain process but welcome the uncertainty because it will have great payoff and substantial rewards.

What have been some of your experiences with the shift? Please let me know in the comments! As always I appreciate and love hearing from you and am grateful and thankful for the support!